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  Security is of major interest these days.  Try: Q 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16

1 Q Sometimes I open a web site and it seems too hard to read.  What's the easiest way to make an adjustment to my screen display?
A If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, the easiest is to hold down control (Ctrl) and roll the scroll wheel up or down.  Depending on which program you are in, it will make the display bigger or smaller.  If you're in Internet Explorer (IE) right now, try it.   Scrolling down makes the screen bigger.  Works with other programs like Word and Excel as well. 
If you don't have a scroll wheel, too bad.


Q So I checked my speed but I want to optimize it.  What can I do that's easy?
A To optimize your Net connection so that you can surf at warp speed, try going to: http://1.digital.cnet.com/cgi-bin1/flo?x=dAKhBoouAmwBBgmuE


2 Q What can I do to protect against e-mail viruses?
A For starters, unless you are a complete idiot, you must already be using virus protection.  If you aren't using a virus program, don't even read further....
...hit www.mcafee.com/centers/downloads for a free trial.
Once you have a virus protection program installed, go to 16 for step 2.


3  Q What else can I do to protect against e-mail viruses?
A a) Change your Eudora attachment directory to something other than the default.
b) Disable JavaScript in your web browser.
c) Leave "(Warn me when I) Launch a program from a message" checked in Tools/Options/Extra Warnings.
d) Leave "Allow executables in HTML content" unchecked in Tools/Options/Viewing Mail.
Consult for additional information, including instructions for changing your Eudora attachment directory.






After installing Norton AntiVirus 2000 with e-mail protection enabled, I get an error message:
"Cannot connect to mail server". 
Thanks, Norton, but we want our e-mail!  How do you get connected again?



Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to get to the "Close Program" window.
Verify that POProxy.exe is running, because if it is not, your email client has nothing to connect to, which causes the Error message.
Double-click the POProxy.exe file in the C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus folder.
The program should run and you will be able to check your e-mail.
If this doesn't work, try MS Outlook or a big glass of good red wine.






I use Windows 98 and am networked and am on the net full-time with a DSL connection.
How do I prevent some miserable little hacker from crawling through that super-fast line and getting into my computer to look at my files and programs, deleting anything he/she wants, and causing me grief?
A If you want to get really serious, install a server and firewall.
A quicker easier solution is to use a password to protect your shared hard drives. To do this, bring up Windows Explorer (right-click on My Computer and select Explore), then right-click on each hard drive and choose Sharing.
If you have "The World" set up with full access rights, it might be a good idea to establish new rights by clicking the Add button.


6 Q Is it true there is an email-borne virus that doesn't need to be opened as an attachment in order to infect my computer?
A Yes, it's called BubbleBoy.  The principle behind it is dangerous.  To protect yourself, you can download an IE (Internet Explorer) patch and virus definition file by hitting this link: http://1.digital.cnet.com/cgi-bin1/flo?x=dEBYYmEogwggoBuB


7 Q Spamming is supposed to be unacceptable but it's happening more and more.  How can I fight spam?
A Forward all the spam with complete headers to the spammers admin and to abuse@ followed by the organization that the spammers are using.  Read headers by learning what can be done at http://www.samspade.org.  Use them to track down sneaky spam that tries to pass itself off as legitimate.  Make sure to blacklist (at BlackList!) websites that are being spamvertized as well, as many spammers use throw-away email accounts.

And to avoid seeing unwanted emails, use the Filter feature in your email program.  Go to Help to find out how.  It's worth it.


8 Q How can I get rid of the excess files that keep piling up when I have been using Win98 for awhile?
A Win98 has a Disk Cleanup that will work for some files. Click Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup, and follow the instructions.


9 Q Win Explorer assumes you're moving a file or folder when you drag it to another location on the same drive, and that you're making a copy when you drag it to another drive. Is there an easy way to copy to the same drive and make a move to another drive?
A Easy!   Hold down the Ctrl key while you're dragging and dropping a file or folder and you'll be making a copy.  Hold down the Shift key and you'll be making a move.   A plus sign appears under the pointer onscreen when you're copying. If the plus sign does not appear, you're making a move.


10 Q How do I capture a web page for use in a PowerPoint 2000 presentation?
A First, copy the source Web page to your hard disk, including the graphics. WebStripper (available at http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?32849:4350406 ) is a free utility that will make this stage of the process easier. Next, in PowerPoint, select File, Open and select the source Web page. PowerPoint then automatically converts the HTML file for you. Graphics are imported as pictures, and text appears in text boxes. Depending on the page design, you'll probably want to move things around and resize different objects. Be sure to save the page as a .PPT presentation file (the default will be to save it as HTML).


11 Q I like the free personal firewall "Zone Alarm". When I run its live update feature, though, it tells me no update is available, despite the fact that the Web site lists a newer version. What gives?
A Zone Alarm (www.zonealarm.com) is an effective personal firewall.  Its live update feature is accessed by double-clicking the Zone Alarm icon in your system tray.  Then "Configure" > "Check for update".  Maybe you got this far? If the Update Agent reports there's no update available, go directly to the Zone Alarm home page. If an update is available for your version, download it manually.


12 Q I need details of my PC and its components (motherboard serial number, chipset version, current CPU temperature, video chipset, etc), but I'm not into removing the case.  What do I do?
A Get the analysis program "SiSoft Sandra" from http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?32856:4350406 ). Its name is short for System Analyser, Diagnostic, and Reporting Assistant, and it can find all kinds of handy info in your system. You get a free three-week evaluation period, then you're supposed to buy the professional version for US$29.


13 Q I want to be able to jump quickly to different cells in Microsoft Excel or maybe to collections of cells and objects, such as in-cell Comments, cells with data validation, etc.  How do I do it?
A Click on the "Go To Special" dialog box. To access it, select Edit > Go To> Special. From here you can select allkinds of things: Comments, Constants, Formulas, Blanks, Objects, Conditional Formats, etc.


14 Q I want to make my computer more secure.  I've heard good things about McAfee Internet Guard Dog 3.0 and Norton Internet Security 2000.  How do I get reliable info to make an informed choice?
A Go to http://1.digital.cnet.com/cgi-bin1/flo?x=dAKhBoouAmwBBgBug and you'll be able to see some comparisons. You can find out which one will be better at keeping your machine and personal info secure.  The site will also tell you how they do at screening porn sites and annoying banner ads.


15 Q How fast is my internet connection?
A Just hit Internet Speed  You'll also find answers to all kinds of other questions related to connections.


16 Q Suppose that one of these .vbs viruses somehow gets to my computer.  What can I do to prevent it from worming its way in and damaging files?
A This point is especially important if you are running Microsoft Outlook.  You should neutralize the Windows Scripting Host which is used to run JScript and Visual Basic Script (.vbs) in Win98.  To do that, go Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.  Go to the TAB that says Windows Setup and then hit Accessories > Windows Scripting Host.  Make sure Windows Scripting Host is NOT checked, then hit OK.  If you can't find Windows Scripting Host, it means it's not installed, so you can quit.


17 Q

The Internet Explorer interface takes up too much screen real estate, especially on my laptop. How can I maximize the space available for the actual web page?


You can quickly toggle the Web page you're viewing into Full Screen mode by pressing the F11 function key, which removes the Status Bar, Address Bar, Menu Bar, and all toolbars except for the Standard Buttons toolbar. Press F11 a second time to return the toolbars and menu commands to your screen.


18 Q

I have a slow dial-up connection. In order to speed up the display of pages in your browser, I've turned off images. But there are times, when I'd like to see a particular picture. How can I view it?


When surfing with images turned off, you can right-click on an image placeholder and then select Show Image (in Netscape) or Show Picture (in IE) to display the picture.


19 Q

I know it's possible now to make telephone calls from your computer, but I don't know anyone who's actually tried it. How can I get in on it?


All you need is a sound card and a microphone and speakers or a nice PC headset. (Note: Don't use a traditional telephone headset; the voltage to the mic is different.)

Next, visit the Dialpad Web site

( http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?40770:4350406 ) and sign up for a free account. While Dialpad won't work through some firewalls, and setup with Microsoft's Internet Connection

Sharing requires a few extra steps, the quality is nevertheless pretty good--akin to talking over a mediocre cell-phone connection. And it doesn't matter whether the people you call have PCs, since the calls arrive on their telephones.


20 Q

Where can I find a one-stop resource for Microsoft Office tips?


Try the Office Update Tips and Tricks Center at http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?38168:4350406 . Tips for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Publisher, PhotoDraw, and Project are organized first by application, then by subject category.


21 Q

Help! I've forgotten a system password, one that appears as a series of asterisks in a Windows dialog box. Can I retrieve it?


Password Revealer, a Windows 95/98/NT utility, runs while the dialog box containing the password control is onscreen. Move your mouse over the asterisks, and the tool reveals the password. It's available for free at http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?38174:4350406 .


22 Q

Web page backgrounds don't print out on my black-and-white laser printer but now I have a color ink-jet printer and would like to print out Web pages. What do I have to do?


In Netscape Communicator, click on Edit, Page Setup, then check the box labeled "Print backgrounds."
In Internet
Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, Printing, and check the box labeled "Print background colors and images."
Keep in
mind that some graphics won't print quite the way they look onscreen. That's because Web designers typically optimize
Web pages for viewing onscreen.


23 Q How can I edit the buttons on my toolbar? (Internet Explorer 5)
A You can quickly add and remove buttons on the toolbar by right-clicking the toolbar then clicking Customize. You can also resize and even reorder your buttons.
Get More Internet Explorer 5 how-tos and tips:
Get Internet Explorer 4 how-tos and tips:


24 Q

I'd like some keyboard shortcuts to use when surfing the Web. Are there any?


For starters, use Alt+Right Arrow instead of the Forward button and Alt+Left Arrow instead of the Back button. Also, press the Spacebar or the Page Down key to scroll the current Web page down one screen. The Tab key moves the insertion point from object to object down a Web page, while Shift+Tab moves the insertion point in the reverse direction. When this action highlights a link, pressing Enter activates the link. And finally, Ctrl+N opens a new browser window.

Note: These tips work both with Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer.


25 Q

How can I disable animated GIFs?


In IE 5, go to Tools/Internet Options and click the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to the Multimedia section, deselect the Play Animations option, and click OK. From then on you'll see only the first frame of each animated GIF that loads.


26 Q

How do I unhide columns and rows in Excel?


Work through this example: assume the only hidden column is C. To unhide it, you need to select the immediately adjacent visible columns, B and D, using   left-button-down-on-B and drag-over-to-include-D. (Before you release your mouse button, a ToolTip will appear in the upper right corner of the selected range that reads "3C," which means that you have three columns selected: the visible B and D, plus the hidden C.) Then, right- click anywhere inside the range and choose Unhide.
If multiple columns are hidden, select across the two columns surrounding the hidden range, then right-click inside the range and choose Unhide.
If only column A is hidden, select column B and drag to the left until the ToolTip "2C" appears. Then right- click on column B and choose Unhide. 

These tricks work the same way with rows. And to unhide all
hidden columns/rows at once, select the gray button above row
1 to the left of column A, then right-click and choose Unhide.


27 Q

I need to upgrade my computer's or printer's RAM. How can I make sure I get the right type and amount of memory?


Check out Crucial Technology's free Crucial Memory Selector 
( http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?40801:4350406 ).
Select a manufacturer from the drop-down list and click on Go. Then, select the product line and computer or printer model. Crucial's database contains more than 42,000 memory solutions for 9,100 different computers and printers.


28 Q

How can I minimize the spam I receive?


Try these sites. 


29 Q

Is there any way I can right-click on a file in Windows Explorer and have the file compressed and e-mailed instantly?


WinZip 8.0 will do it, and it works with any MAPI-compliant e-mail program (for example, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora, but not AOL 4.0 or 5.0).  Locate the source file, then right-click on it and choose "Zip and Email <filename>" from the pop-up menu. The temporary zip file is deleted automatically when it's no longer needed.


30 Q

It takes a really long time for my computer to boot up. How can I remove programs which have installed themselves in my start up sequence?


The Startup folder in your Start Menu is the most obvious place to look. But sometimes, you have to roll up your sleeves and go into the registry. Startup Manager takes care of all this for you, even allowing you to disable these programs so that they can later be restored.
Cool Utility - Startup Manager (Win 95, 98 or NT)

31 Q

Some .pdf documents won't let me save (or save as) them when I'm viewing them while on the Internet. How can I get around this problem?


Do the following:

click file > send > page by email

This brings up Eudora with the file as an attachment. You just send it to yourself and open it [automatic with Acrobat 4] and save or save as whatever and wherever you want.


32 Q