As we kick off our all-virtual convention this week, we know that the working people and unemployeds throughout this country are counting on us to gain power and introduce the most progressive policies in generations.

In today's fast-paced world, your DNC has been looking for every angle to ensure that we can gain power by beating Donald Trump and also controlling the House and Senate.

To that end, we are recommending the most radical departure from the norm in the history of presidential politics.  After considerable research, instead of making Mr. Joe Biden the presumptive presidental nominee, we propose to nominate R2D2.

In 2020, it is no longer politics as usual and Artificial Intelligence combined with charming mannerisms, will usher in a new era of political unity in the U.S.A.

Applying the principles of zero-based budgeting to the human resources search for an ideal candidate, we started with characteristics we knew were important because of the criticisms of past and present presidents.

Ideal characteristics:
+ no greed, and therefore no corruption
+ no racial factors or prejudice
+ no previous political bias
+ no sex scandals
+ no taking a knee at political events involving the flag
+ no bowing to foreign leaders
+ no health problems
+ no death allowing ascendancy of a possibly ill-prepared Vice-President
+ savings on salary, security, and maintenance
+ 24-hour workdays with no time off for golf and related holidays
+ world-wide recognition and acceptance as a lovable character

Only one candidate met, or even came close to meeting, these ideals.  R2D2.


  We needed a confidential poll to ascertain whether voters from both major parties could be ready for such a radical departure from "politics as usual".  We stayed away from leaders and influences and got the opinions of the everyday working people and unemployeds across
the nation, with representation from every Electoral College district.

We surveyed a total of 81,101 people, including 44,059 Democrats, 36,868 Republicans, and 174 Libertarians.

29,828 Democrats (67.7%) approved of the choice of R2D2 as the presumptive presidential nominee.
26,287 Republicans (71.3%) approved of R2D2 as compared to the current president.
48 Libertarians (28%) approved of R2D2 over either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

These results are overwhelming, leading us to believe the R2D2 is the candidate with the best chance of winning, due to his popularity by those on both sides of the political spectrum.
  We plan to introduce the presumptive nominee at 1100am EST on Wednesday, August 19th.  Please join us at that time!