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"Living well is the best revenge."  Do it, and everything else falls into place.


The Enron Debacle

The most surprising thing about this situation is that it seems to be a surprise.  Why?  Most business people know auditors sold out many years ago and pledged allegiance only to their own wallets.  There's a good summary in the 28 Jan 2002 BusinessWeek suggesting seven reforms that the accounting/audit cabal must undergo.  Their suggestions are not strong enough.

1) Enact self-regulation with teeth.  

"Self-regulation" just isn't going to cut it.  The writers even knew this suggestion was too weak because they ended the presentation with, "The accounting profession is very creative at taking over every group that's ever tried to rein it in".  It's another case of getting mesmerized by the pros.

Think foxes guarding hen-houses.  Nothing is going to change, so an independent power that can literally put fear into accountants and auditors is needed.  Anything less, and the public will be well-advised to think of audits as useless, and most auditors as enablers of white-collar crooks.    



Medicare in Canada:

Politicians of all parties feel handicapped and say idiotic things to maintain and justify the status quo because "anti-medicare" is right up there with "racism" when the Vocal Yokels start their rants.  Things have to change. 

The system right now is a farce.   Next major event will probably be a class-action suit by someone on behalf of all people who have had treatment delayed or withheld because of the criminally stupid inefficiencies of the present system.  It's coming and it's justified. 

But there's hope!  The National Post ran an excellent column by Lawrence Solomon on an alternative to present medicare.  It looks like it would work, and it's incomparably better than the lame crap emanating from politicians of every party at every level of government.  Contact him and get a copy.     http://www.nextcity.com/



False ID

Why are governments everywhere so easy on it?  It's the basic technique used by terrorists.  Aliens making or carrying false id should be nailed with: automatic deportation, with no appeals or rights or options to plead "refugee", plus their names, fingerprints, and face scans on a blacklist permanently.  No more travel.  And for people native to a country, an automatic 10 years in jail.  

And how about using some kind of system that makes it impossible for "refugees" to get rid of their id after they have got on a plane?  A change in procedure and that loophole could be plugged.

While we're on this kick, how about considering a balaclava or other face-covering worn while rioting or confronting police to be an invitation to a clean headshot, followed by an anonymous burial.


The SPCA and its Lawyers (make that Advisers)

The poor SPCA.  It apparently can't even afford a feral cat trap for its operation in North Vancouver.  What's it doing in that municipality anyway?  Remember the Chuck Berry song, "No Particular Place To Go"?

It could be just a matter of priorities.  Did it have to pay the "legal adviser" who wrote a 12-page letter on Lawson Lundell letterhead trying a sneak attack in order to muzzle/censor its chief critic, Animal Advocates.  Was Lawson Lundell retained to act for the SPCA?  Was it appropriate for the writer to not send any notice or copy to Animal Advocates?  Read the letter and judge for yourself.  Thr**t. You need an eFax viewer to read it.  Download is free here - select Messenger 2.07