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Trivia question: What will be the first great new sport of the 21st century?
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At 29,035 feet above sea level, Mt. Everest sits in the jetstream at the rooftop of the world. Since successfully being scaled by Tenzing and Hillary (note the order) in 1953, Everest has beaten over 3,300 people who have attempted the climb.  660 have made it, and 142 people have died trying.  R.I.P.

The good old Discovery Channel details prior attempts to scale Everest, and the current climbing expedition of Olaf Jones, a Discovery Online correspondent.  Great photos, video, audio, and daily dispatches from the mountain.
Unexpected Everest (Flash 4.0)  http://www.discovery.com/exp/mteverest/mteverest.html  
Actually, the main unexpected event here was poor Olaf getting the shit kicked of him, mentally as much as physically, by the old Brit leading the expedition.  Olaf had to escape in a chopper.  What a farce! 

For some serious Everest stuff, try http://www.everest2000.com   Great photos and check the story of Babu Chiri Sherpa.  This guy treats climbing Everest like a long Grouse Grind.  His latest record: 15hr:56min from Base Camp.