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Air travel references:
Air-Fare : boasts most complete listing of fare cuts and daily air fares.

Airlines.Com :   general info on the airlines
Airlines of the Web : links to 100's of airlines.  See Air Tips
Airport Directory Yahoo :  find your way to the gate before you get there
Airport Search Engine :  find the airport code
Latin Pass : Dan Quayle didn't. Lots of airlines involved.
4Airlines : for finding lowest fares. Also provides Frequent Flyer Mileage Tracker.

Up Up And Away

Phone Numbers
Aer Lingus (Ireland) code shares with American Airlines
Aeroflot (Russia) Bigger than you think - world's 4th largest 
AeroMexico (Mexico) 800-237-6639
Freq. Flyer Fax: 713-329-1602
Consumer Relations: 713-329-1602
Air Canada (Canada) 604-688-5515
Air France (France)  
Air New Zealand (New Zealand)
Air Transat (Canada)  
Alaska Airlines (USA) 800-426-0333
American Airlines (USA) 800-433-7300
America West Airlines (USA) 800-235-9292
British Airways (England)  
Canada 3000 (Canada)  
Canadian Airlines (Canada) 800-426-7000  now absorbed into Air Canada
604-279-6611  (too bad - monopolies hurt consumers)
Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
Comair (USA) Delta connection   800-354-9822
Continental Airlines (USA)  
Delta Airlines (USA) 800-323-2323
El Al (Israel) Check out special deals at Laromme hotels
Frontier Airlines (USA) 800-432-1359
Hawaiian Airlines (USA)  
Horizon (USA - West coast)  
Japan Airlines-JAL (Japan) 800-525-3663
KLM (Netherlands) Check out the EuroNavigator special
Korean Air (Korea) Gives KAL Limo bus tickets for online purchases
Laker Airways (England)  
LanChile (Chile) Check the Ski Specials
Lauda Air (Austria) Even to Kathmandu. Check the IPIX Boeing 777 tour.
Lufthansa (Germany)  
Malaysia Air (Malaysia) check ePromotions
Mexicana Airlines (Mexico) 800-531-7923
MidWest Express (USA)  
Northwest Airlines (USA)  
Philippine Air (Philippines) Promotions are worth checking
Qantas Airways (Australia)  
Reno Air (USA) 800-736-6247
Royal Airlines (Canada)  
Sabena (Spain) Part of the Qualiflyer Group
SAS (Scandinavia)  
Singapore Airlines (Singapore)  
SkyWest (USA) 801-634-3000
Southwest Airlines (USA) 800-435-9792. Internet-only specials. Wl Best Site Award
SriLankan Air (Sri Lanka) Good connections to London and Berlin
Swissair (Switzerland)  
United Airlines (USA)  
US Air (USA)  
Virgin Atlantic Airways (England)  
Westjet Airlines (Canada) 800-538-5696
LOCAL AIR SERVICES If you're going to be in a certain area, check on what's there.  Small, but interesting.
Absaroka Air (USA - Montana) Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountains, Montana
Aerosweet (Ukraine) Kiev (Borispol) - based
Air Grand Canyon (USA - Arizona) 800-247-4726
Air Labrador (Canada - Labrador) Home base in Happy Valley/Goose Bay
Air Nova (Eastern Canada & US) Connector for Air Canada
Aloha Air (USA - Hawaii) Sunshine
Ansett (New Zealand) Check out their Mystery Weekends
Arkia (Israel) in English and Hebrew. See Vacation packages.
Asiana (Korea) Best if you read Korean
Atlantic Coast Airlines (US - Virginia) Lots of regional flights
Bahamas Air (Bahamas) Neat graphic, looks like flying
Bangkok Airways (Thailand) Best way to Sukhothai and Angkor Wat
British Midland (Britain) Heathrow-based
Calm Air (Canada - Manitoba, Nunavut) Now a partner to Air Can Monop
Cayman Airways (Cayman Isl) Lots of interesting carry-on luggage
China Airlines (China) Dynasty Flyer Program - ironic name?
Colgan Air (USA - Eastern) US Airways Express Carrier
Ghana Airways (Ghana) Voted "Business of the Century" (in Ghana)
Helijet (Canada - B.C.) 800-665-4354  
KLM UK (U.K. - was UK Air) Web site loads far too slowly.
Mesa Air (USA - Southwest) also Express for America West and US Airways
Mesaba Air (Minnesota) Better than getting body-slammed by Jesse Ventura
Midway Air (USA - Eastern) based in Raleigh-Durham, NC
Midwest Express (USA - mid-west) From Abilene,TX to Wichita,KS
Nippon Airways (Japan) Check out the Pokemon jet
Peninsula Airways (USA - Alaska) Goes all the way to the Pribilofs
Skyways (Sweden) All over Sweden + to Manchester
Skywest (USA) Delta and United Express Connection Systems
SA Express (South Africa) All over South Africa + Botswana & Namibia
Sun Country (USA - all over) Check the Vegas CAPS program
Sunshine Air (USA - Grand Canyon) from Van Nuys, CA

Air Denver (USA) 303-333-3332
Bonair (Turkey) Air taxi service all over the country
Orca Air (Egypt base - flies Middle East) New air taxi and charter service
Piedmont Hawthorne (USA - NC) PACE Airlines and charters.
Quickshuttle Service Vancouver<-->SeaTac  800-667-2887