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Adventure Channel  :  read about past and ongoing adventures
Adventures Great and Small
Adventurous Travel Bookstore  :  books, maps, walking guides and more
Almost 101 Adventure Travel Tips  :  to the point, worth following tips
American Wilderness Experience
Backroads  :  travel off the beaten path
Mountain Travel - Sobek  :  adventure travel wholesalers
Mountain Zone   :  huge, well-organized site with meaningful links
Top Travel Sites  :  Oz, NZ, the South Pacific, and exotic destinations.
Travel Wild : tours to the Magdalen Islands to see harp seals.
Outward Bound
Wilderness Travel Online



Backcountry Home Page
Backpacker's Base Camp
Cool Trails
Sierra Club National Outings



Bicycling Newsgroups on the Usenet
Cyber Cyclery
Extreme Mountain Biking
The WWW Bike Repair Shop



Divers Alert Network
Ocean Planet
Rodale's Scuba Diving
Scuba Central
U.S. Dive Travel



CLIA: Cruise Lines International Association
Cruise Travel
Fielding's Cruise Finder
Fielding's Cruise Insider
Holland America Lines 1-877-SAIL HAL    Well-organized, easy to get at the relevant cruise info
Internet Cruise Travel Network

Not quite a cruise, but:
1-888-BCFERRY :  so it's only a phone number.  Ask about the PacifiCats.


Canada Department of Foreign Affairs (for travel advisories)