Worksheet - collects info which will later be assigned to pages... gaming, web design, etc BC college

For directions on using an FTP application to move a website to a web server, go to www.ftpsite.html  European-style winery in Langley eSupport allows customer service requests to be routed over the net

WaveRider Communications Inc & Platinum Communications - have organized the first "non-line-of-sight" wireless broadband network designed for fixed installation. Okotoks, AB

Racquetball: Christie Van Hees (Vancouver) is #1; others are Michelle Lucas, Rhonda Rajsich, Jackie Paraiso, and Laura Fenton.  Pro Kennex is sponsor. info on Haleakala


Info and health recommendations for Canadians help for world travellers try the links for long airline flights tells you where to find ATMs

Jeff Harris  Seahawk Auctions  657-1174 advertised a rare Nootka basket.  Needs a website.

Travelodge Kelowna  250-763-7771

Ocean Shores Golf course  360-289-3357 best application designed for internet  best ecommerce application best B2B web site best end-to-end ecommerce web site best resource web site industry leadership award  best financial site best non-profit site best tourism web site best entertainment website  best retail website best small business site best new development and production of digital movies women-centric travel site travel connections for women hypnotic soundtrack, enigmatic puzzles, virtual candle flame turn your monitor into a private monastery all research needs in one easy-to-use home page searchable database of hundreds of queries. how to prepare winning meals international gifts from an online artisans' marketplace everything you need to know about holidays

Skiing:  links to over 570 sites, helps with tips on trips and equipment 2000 resorts in 37 countries - Andorra to Venezuela a community for skiers. Massive collection of gear reviews. articles and essays how local conditions may affect your breathing translates English into Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese

Okanagan Wineries:

Art - Italy contemporary art scene in Italy  excellent worldwide gallery guide 

Travel - Cambodia: Frank Renaudat's email

BC Travel info: Cariboo-Chilcotin-Coast region of BC X now offline. Why? Advertisers should pay. latest on computers, hardware, industry simple effective web design. Good exec profiles. part of the Investor broadcast Network Air Traffic Control System Command Center. Check on flight delays.



BC Mining: mineral titles info    

BC Geological Survey  (Geology and Mineral info) 

High Tech Metals: world's largest tantalum capacitor manufacturer does jv's with mining companies to assure supply rare earths and magnets  Helping finance businesses.  Ron Downey works for them.

Jasmine 683-2206

Wismin 253-8446

Web design: business and design of web sites essays and articles on web site design SE industry news  Gibson's Shields Up : test your internet connection to see what info is unprotected doing stuff with El Sitio (Spanish portal)  US$29 from Chicago to NY

Edward Lee Productions

Courtney Milne & Sherrill Miller PO Box 121 Grandora, SK S0K 1V0

Web sites related to bio-fuel

http://www.afdc.doc Alt Fuels Data Center National Renewable Energy Laboratory National Biodiesel Board United Soybean Board The Clean Cities program is sponsored by the US Department of Energy.,expert,2,253345

Some of the sites worth visiting are :
(give yourself lots of time to look at this one - it's comprehensive, and interesting)
(this one gives information on legislation that is key to what we see as the coming huge increase in demand)

1. - Get a free search engine for your web site, so your visitors can find what they are looking for within your site.  It takes 2 minutes to set up, and all you have to do is copy and paste a few lines of code to get your own Site Level search engine up and running. Detailed statistics let you know exactly what your visitors are searching for! Think of how many people have left your site in frustration because they couldn't find exactly what they were looking for, and how that situation could have been avoided had you offered a site search feature.

2. - Find it fast with CHUBBA. One search brings you the top results from multiple search engines, saving you time and frustration. My neighbor spent 40 minutes on a well known search directory attempting to locate a hard to find part for his 1962 Corvette before he gave up in frustration. When he shared his negative experience with me, I took him to CHUBBA.COM and we found exactly what he needed within 30 seconds.

3. - Why pay the retail price when you can get the same new item, with the same brand name, at a discounted price? One day I went to the local office supply super store to purchase a 4 port USB hub for my  computer because I wanted the item that day. The store was sold out, so I went to three other stores with the same result. Everyone was sold out of the 4 port USB hubs. I went to the manufacturer's web site, and they were charging $20 more than the stores were. So I went to and found the exact same 4 port hub (same brand name, new not used) for 50% less than what I would have paid at the store. searches all of the online auctions for whatever you want to buy, helping you to get the best price possible. It's like visiting all of the online auctions at the same time, with one search.    Pets Welcome Here

People love their pets, sometimes so much that they can't bear to go on vacation without taking them. Whether you're planning a road trip or your Honeymoon, if Fido is coming along for the ride you'll need to find pet-friendly place to stay. should be every animal lover's first step in planning his or her holiday vacation. The site lists thousands of hotels, motels, beaches, campgrounds, and ski resorts that accommodate our furry friends. There is also helpful information on air travel and international laws regarding pets.

A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang

The highbrow slang used by legendary screen detectives like Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade and other 'too cool for school' characters, is no longer a part of our colloquial language.

Visitors to this website can learn to talk like Bogart by referencing this extensive glossary of 'hardboiled slang'. Check out the site, before some Dish sends a Chopper Squad to give you some Chin Music.


BMW Films

Not satisfied just with making great cars, BMW has entered the film game at racing speed. The company has already produced a handful of short films by esteemed directors such as Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Guy Ritchie (Snatch). With a well-financed production team and a bottomless advertising budget, watch out for BMW Films to become a major player in the 'independent' film industry.

BMW's website has a simple layout, making it easy for visitors to find their way around. There are currently four films available for viewing, we recommend checking out 'Star' directed by the aforementioned Guy Ritchie. One of the coolest features on the site is the BMW Interactive Film Player, an online DVD player you can download and use to watch films in larger formats.

Supermarkets Portal

According to site founder David Gwynn, supermarkets are a fascinating and reflective element of American culture worthy of study and preservation. David has spent a good amount of his free time documenting the history and evolution of supermarkets in our country.

The result of his research is a highly entertaining, surprisingly nostalgic website called Visitors will get a glimpse, through old photographs, into Gwynn's 'obsessive' journey into the world of supermarket history and architecture. Don't miss the section on 'Safeway', which takes a profound look into the rise and fall of the 'Mother of all Markets'.



A1 discount hotels offers fast online reservations for 80 cities in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe.  Lowest price guaranteed or we pay the difference. Book online or call our operators at 888-511-5743.


Everyone's a Director

Digital filmmaking and streaming web video have become an integral part of the Internet experience, used for a multitude of purposes including advertising, filmmaking and education. Young directors who would normally be unable to afford to produce a film now have the opportunity to create original projects and showcase them on the Web.

'Everyone's a director' at, is where inspired filmmakers find a platform for presenting original web videos (known as 'Eveo's). There are a bunch of great short movies on the site, on topics including Sports, Comedy, Twisted, Short Fiction, Travel, and more. The site also holds contests that reward rookie directors with exposure for their film and money for their next one.

The Archive of Dumb

Did you know that in Tampa Bay, FL. it is illegal to eat Cottage Cheese after 6:00 p.m. on Sundays? This eccentric fact is just one of the thousands listed at, an online superstore of miscellaneous 'dumb' facts, laws, etc.

While it won't make you smarter, will surely keep you laughing. There are hilarious archives of Dumb Laws from every state in the U.S., stories of Dumb Criminals and their unfortunate mishaps, and Dumb Facts about everything from religious police chiefs to nose orgasms.

Be sure to check out the section called Dumb Warnings, a library of amusing instructions, rules, labels, and lawsuits.


La Sagrada Familia

One cannot visit Barcelona without noticing the divine influence Anton Gaudi had on the architectural scope of the city. The Temple of La Sagrada Familia is probably the most famous Gaudi structure in Barcelona, a symbol of the intense beauty and profound faith of the Catalonian capital. is a website entirely devoted to this landmark, its architecture, history, symbolism and services. There is an extensive timeline of the building's construction, a biography of Anton Gaudi, and a virtual tour of the actual temple.


World Webcam Map

With Web cams placed in outdoor locations all around the world, net surfers and peeping toms can stare at street corners from the safety of their own home. This site offers an accessible map of outdoor Web cams across the globe.  Reverse Phone Look-up

Whether you want to find a long lost friend or the address of someone who owes you money, can assist you. Powered by AT&T, the site can provide the phone numbers and addresses of almost any person or business.


Medical Breakthroughs

If you find it hard keeping up with all the amazing medical advancements taking place worldwide, you'll want to bookmark this site. Ivanhoe Broadcast News is the country's largest news-gathering organization currently covering medical breakthroughs, family health and issues important to women.

Their site is an excellent resource for top-quality and thought-provoking news stories, offering solutions to problems, tips on staying healthy, and compelling stories. Be the "First to Know" about the latest medical news by signing up for their free weekly e-mail newsletter highlighting the new reports on their site each week.


When Wal-Mart Comes to Town

When Wal-mart executives arrived in a small town in Virginia, their eyes were filled with dreams of dropping a mega-store right in the middle of Main Street. Their plans created more than just a little resistance and caused a rift amongst the citizens of Ashland, Virginia, spurning a hot debate over the effects of big business on small town America.

'Store Wars' is an hour-long documentary produced by PBS that follows this story from its beginning to the first ruling by the City Council of Ashland. Throughout the website visitors will find background information on the events, main characters and issues revolving around the standoff. There is detailed information on Wal-mart (the largest retail chain in the world), an interview with the director of the documentary, and insight into the many social, economic and industrial issues that make this argument so interesting.


Math in our Daily Lives

Those who understand compound interest are destined to collect it. Those who don't, are doomed to pay it. "What is compound interest, and why is it so important?" is but one of the fascinating topics covered in +Plus ezine.

Created to increase public awareness about the importance of math in everyday life, the current issue features articles on the secret life of fractions and fractal expressionism. It is one of the most interesting sites we have recently reviewed.  California Academy of Sciences

San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences includes the Steinhart Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Morrison Planetarium and is the oldest scientific institution in the West and one of the 10 largest natural history museums in the world.

With over 14 million specimens in its collection, it's a haven for biologists, anthropologists and geologists. Now it's yours too with this site that offers information about the exhibits, research, tours, education and more. And if you can't get enough online and decide you need the Academy in your real life, you can browse for volunteer and employment positions.   Create-A-Masterpiece

When this site invites you to explore, it isn't kidding. With truly interactive tools, users can dig deeply into the lives and works of impressionist masters like Degas, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and others. Besides reading biographies of each artist's life and examining their themes, use of color and brushwork, visitors can take interactive tours of a single masterpiece, like Degas' La Classe de Danse.

Create Your Own Masterpiece is a painting game in which you select an artist to mimic and are given a color palette and brushes that you customize to paint a masterpiece using your mouse. When finished, select a frame for your work and save it to Paint or another graphics program  Star Chefs

More than another recipe site - though there's plenty of those here - Star Chefs is devoted to the culinary arts as a career, with a variety of celebrity chefs: from the super-famous Julia Childs to cookbook authors like Jacque Pépin and those who shine at toney restaurants like Mario Batali of Babbo.

Read the chefs' biographies, get their recipes, tips and secret ingredients, visit the markets they shop, like New York City's legendary Fairway's; Ask the Experts, from sommeliers to cheesemongers; track seasonal trends and plan for holiday parties. In Business Tools, future restaurateurs can study a Four-Star Restaurant Marketing Plan and a primer of food, beverage and payroll costs to begin planning what may become the next Four Seasons. Ziff-Davis eSeminars Web conferencing specialist. Be configured with PlaceWare in order to resolve any compatibility issues related to participating in eSeminars tests of all kinds for any application developed allows easy updating of web site content for video conferencing

Effective e-learning:

and CD duplication and business cards  Get It off Your Chest

Want to send a compliment or a criticism but too shy (or chicken) to confess it's from you? Whether you love someone's bikini line -- or hate their detectable toupee -- you can let them know by anonymous e-mail. The tips and "solution kits" are intended as lighthearted entertainment, though recipients may not feel that way. You're safe though; the site promises that sender's identities are completely protected.   Genomic Revolution

The Genomics Revolution is here -- yikes! When scientists announced in June 2000 that they had deciphered the human genome, the blueprint for human life, it sparked a firestorm of discovery for researchers and an uneasy feeling among the rest of us. Is this something new to worry about, or to celebrate?

Created by the American Museum of Natural History, the site explains a vast, complex subject in simple but not simplistic terms. Learn what the Human Genome means to you, your family and the future: the impact of DNA discoveries on health, on feeding the world's growing population, on solving forensic mysteries and saving species from extinction.


Rick says check out and for Immigration questions. Also 604-666-2171 huge site and have combined.

What's next for the Internet? If you don't know (and who does?), maybe it's time to turn to the futurists.

Tomalak's Realm was started in 1998 as a daily source of links to strategic Web design stories, focusing on e-commerce, usability, intellectual property, online journalism, consumer electronics/technology, futurism and governance.

An oldie but goodie, Tomalak's is a proven source for thought-provoking news and headlines, both on the Web and via the daily email newsletter.

Traveling in the new year? Visit the World Executive site for the quick lowdown on hotels, reservations, hotel websites and special offers for the traveling business executive.

While there, be sure to check out the city guides for each city, which present a concise summary of everything the executive needs to know for a quick city visit, such as: How do I get from the airport to town? What will the weather be like? What about tipping and dress code? What is the currency and exchange rate? The site is a welcome alternative to overwrought and overwritten consumer travel


Find the must-visit sites for the new millennium with Yahoo's handy guide. Featured categories include:

Entertainment & Sports, Computing & The Net, Lifestyle & Community, Health & Fitness, Learning & Creativity, Travel & Recreation, Shopping, Money and News & Media.

Written in a editorial style, each section references the top sites in context of the hot topics for the year.

Click on the referenced site and you are taken to a more detailed review. Well worth a look - and just try not to get addicted to Sodaplay and Sissy Fight 2000 - the winners of the year's "Best Time Wasters" award.

Time "The Next 100" Web Pioneers

Who's cool in a hot medium? Who has the vision to shape a shifting medium? Time's "The Next 100" series focuses on those who are shaping the new millennium. This month's feature, Web Pioneers, highlights the work of programmers and sociologists, business innovators and founding fathers

of the "new" new media. Drop in to meet the visionaries, share your thoughts, or nominate yourself or a colleague as one of "The Next 100."



to GateSkate: (from )

Sports - Inline Skating also Apparel | Equipment - Wheels | Magazines


Rollerbands - inline-skate carrier which carries your shoes while you skate and your skates while you walk(works with skiboots & iceskates too!)

Rollerblade.Com - consumer information for the in-line skates company, as well tips, news, free info and more.

RollerCycle - motorized power accelerator for inline skates or skateboards.

Skate Home - organizes, protects your inline skates. Individual orders and distributor inquires welcome.

Skatefit Video - Pro Skater Carolyn Bradley will teach you to become a better skater and create a challenging workout. Great for beginners and intermediate skaters.

Skeptic Industries - be in our video, skate hard retard.

So. California Rollerskating/In-Line Promotions - SCRIP is an organization dedicated to the promotion of skating as a positive influence in communities.

Sonic Sports - accessories around for inline skaters and aggressive roller hockey bladers: wax, bearing spacers, packs, kits, totes.

Soulskate Inline Skating Instruction

Southern Ontario Inline Skating Guide - 30 locations to skate in Ontario. It also includes: trail lengths and difficulty ratings; directions; proper skating techniques; safety and maintenance tips.


Sportwerks - performance acessories, also acessories for cycling, skiing, windsurfing, snowshoes. Calendars of world wide events.

Team Paradise

Trucks - news, products, and service for aggressive skating.

See also Skating & Skating Usenet

Sports.htm - top#topSports.htm - top#topTop

Inline Skating Apparel


Inline Skating Equipment

Sports.htm - top#topSports.htm - top#topTop

Inline Skating Equipment - Wheels

Sports.htm - top#topSports.htm - top#topTop

Inline Skating Magazines

Sports.htm - top#topSports.htm - top#topTop





Thinking of buying a new car? Visit Greenlight and shop online in 27 markets. The site enables you to choose a vehicle based on manufacturer, price range, body type or transmission. Once you find the car you want, you can go haggle for hours at a local dealer, or get a real price from Greenlight.

You get a price for the car and options that you have selected. The price can be compared with the MSRP or invoice price. When the deal is done, pick up the car at a local participating dealer.

Greenlight will even help you with trade-ins. Everything is guaranteed. Greenlight is an partner, however, if you want to sell a car Greenlight will link you to, and will link you to the auctions.




Where do you go when there’s no IPO? You can read the gloom and doom, and find a ray of hope, on Here’s a recent IPO news headline: "IPO Market Set to Make (Small) Comeback." The article discusses three companies, not profitable, not high tech, that IPO'd in the first week of 2001. Last year, it was a bad week if less than 15 companies a week filed for IPO.

On Mark’s Mind is an interesting column written by Marc Baum, the Chief Operating Officer at There are good stats on IPO filing and pricing, and market events. One of the best pages for viewing is the Withdrawn page ­- it’s an eye opener.



The Advertising Media Internet Center

This is a great site for media and marketing pros.  Check out "Ephron on Media" for musings and rantings from the venerable Erwin Ephron. Follow up with Think Pieces, which are brief essays by experts in the field. Need to learn how to create a media plan? Ask the "Media Guru," where you will find links to those answers and much more.

Tip -- to get to the really good stuff, you have to register. It’s free, and well worth it to access the real jewels.

While at the site, check out Media Quote, which is a portal for media buying and selling partners.


The Media History Project

This project is, among other things, the result of the efforts of numerous scholars working worldwide to produce multimedia learning tools and a resource center for those in the media field. Promoting the history of media, another goal of this project is to encourage media historians to use and learn from the Internet.

If you are looking for information on media, this is the place to go. From link piles to courseware to key concepts and a timeline dating back to 25,000 B.C., the site a goldmine. An active project, you can also contribute by answering calls for white papers or checking out upcoming conferences. All in all, it's a good place to get actively involved with the media industry.



Business Models on the Web

This site, Managing the Digital Enterprise, was  launched by Professor Michael Rappa of North Carolina State University in conjunction with the graduates taught at the University. The course is unusual in that it depends solely on the Web for class content, and does not use a standard textbook. In this business, how could they?

The course is divided into fifteen topics that serve as the basis for discussion. Follow the schedule and visit Web pages for each discussion topic. There are also great resource links. The site is a fantastic "open education" resource for use by professors, students and anyone who has access to the Web. A serious bookmark for educators - and for those in search of a business model.



It's been a while since we looked at Inc. magazine is a reliable resource for small business owners; the built-out site is just as valuable.

Advice, organized around 18 categories, offer articles, case studies, tips, tools and research. In Services, you can buy tools and services to help you run your business. 

Industry has the top industry news, and Research has reference materials and a research database. Navigation is easy, and you can click to Inc. magazine content from any page.





Sick of techno-jargon? Here’s a site devoted to exposing the PR babble that’s going around. Check out the Jargon Trash List, which lists words that are sure to get your press release straight to the round file -- Leading, Solution and Robust top the list.

For the real fun, check out the value of your press release by submitting it to the Jargonator, which rates the jargon content of releases on a 1 to 6 scale. Review the LAQs (lame-ass quotes) page for real corporate LAQs (names have been changed) with cynical counterpoint comments. See your company’s jargon?




The company provides streaming video for your website.

The SeeItFirst Live! software offers event producers the ability to quickly customize live Webcasts with dynamic content. The company offers licensed products, professional services and fully outsourced solutions for interactive video-on-demand and interactive Webcasts. There are some pretty cool interactive examples on the site. Take a nap while they load.

Speed Anywhere

Bruce Judson, a professor of e-business at The Yale School of Management, created this site, which is dedicated to information on accelerating your Internet connection speed. Judson is recognized as a leading expert in the use of Web applications for business. He has authored books and writes an email newsletter.

There’s information here on increasing the efficiency of your modem, getting accelerators to speed Net surfing, finding DSL and getting time saver software. Some products are free; others require purchase.

Dubbed "The Tech Resource Center," you’ll find all the latest and greatest technology on this site. You’ll also be besieged by pop-up windows offering a "live person" to assist you with questions and shopping.

Still have vinyl records around but no turntable? Get the Bel Air turntable for only $99.95(US) and tune up those old Beatle albums. Here’s a great one: The Catfinder+ keeps track of everything from your cat to your car keys for only $39.95! - YOUR SUPERSTORE FOR INTERNET RESEARCH

When you need the latest surveys, statistics, forecast strategies and analysis of the entire Internet industry click on With over 1100 quality reports and newsletters from over 60 leading organizations in North America and Europe, offers the best prices available for all your research needs.

We are legal representatives of the owners of the probably richest areas in the República Argentina (please, see abstract below). You can obtain information in our Spanish web-site and in our English web-site Please contact us for more information. ABSTRACT-OPPORTUNITIES MINING DISTRICT MAIN MINERAL SURFACE LOS CHORROS GOLD-COPPER 32.000 HS CABRA HORCO GOLD 10.000 HS CHAVARRIA CINC 17.000 HS RINCONADA GOLD 5.300 HS TOTAL 64.300 HS Thank you very much. C.C.K. MINING BROKERS


available vacation rentals!

Vacation Villa Referral Center:

A1Vacations (2001 vacation rentals):

Vacation-Rentals (100% w/photos):

PROBLEM: You're looking for some good information on preventing identity theft.

SOLUTION: California Public Interest Research Group's Consumer Privacy Rights Program is located online at .

Among the excellent resources available at that address are the following: "What Can Consumers Do To Avoid Becoming Theft of Identity Victims?"; "Consumer Privacy Protections When Paying by Credit Card"; and "Consumer Privacy Protections When Paying by Check."


Mexico is planning to remodel and expand commercial ports including Altamira, Lazaro Cardenas, Progreso, Puerto Madero, Tampico, and Veracruz.

Companies interested in participating in port projects in Mexico are encouraged to find a partner who is already involved in this sector.

The following is an updated list and contact data for some small companies that have more than 10 years experience in the design and construction of maritime facilities in Mexico.

G.S. INGENIERIA INTEGRAL, Parroquia No. 405, Del Valle, 03100 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO  
Tel: (011-52) 5524-4511, 5534-6458  Fax: (011-52) 5534-8465
Contact: Ing. Armando Frias, General Director and Legal Representative

FRISA INGENIERIA, S.A. de C.V.  Moras No. 514, Col. Del Valle, 03100 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO 
Tel: (011-52) 5524-2378, 5524-6817  Fax: 9011-52) 5524-0120  Contact: Ing. Raul Solano, General Director

PROCOMAR, Mario Rojas Avendano No. 70, Col. Independencia, Delegacion Benito Juarez, 03630 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO
Tel& fax: (011-52) 5243-0964  Contact: Ing. Bruno Juarez, Administrator

CIFSA, Peten No. 543, Col. Letran Valle, 03650 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO  
Tel: (011-52) 5605-4838, 5605-5036   Fax: (011-52) 5605-5456  
Contact: Ing. Agustin Corichi, Deputy Director  Ing. Daniel Cervantes Castro, General Director

DEIN-DESARROLLOS INTEGRALES, Blvd. Adolfo Lopez Mateos No. 1661, Col. Torres de Mixcoac, Edif. A-3, depto. 601, 01490 Mexico, D.F.  MEXICO
Tel & fax: (011-52) 5593-2880  
Contact: Ing. Alejandro Murillo, General Director

PLAMARTE, S.A. de C.V., Monte Alban No. 262-1, Col. Narvarte, 03020 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO  
Tel: (011-52) 5687-5873, 5669-3418  Fax: (011-52) 5687-5873  Contact: Ing. Fidel Serrano, General Director


Tel: 011(525) 140-2629, Fax: 011 (525) 535-1139, e-mail:   Sacred Rocks and Buddhist Caves

Sacred Rocks and Buddhist Caves in Thailand, artistically explores the beautiful elements of the Thai Buddhist Caves including light, water, associations with Buddha, Stalagmites, Stalagtites, and the Guardians of the caves. Although this site is designed to be a mere introduction to the accompanying book, there is more than enough content for visitors to fully experience the beauty and signigicance of the caves.

The sanctity of rocks in Thailand is linked either to animism or to Thai or Chinese Buddhism. Be sure to check out the formations associated with the Buddha which are categorized according to their shapes and utility. 


Wild World

One of the biggest challenges for new sites is to create interesting ways for visitors to navigate its content without making the experience too complex. This next site walks that fine line, and in the process offers a fascinating way to look at the world.

Wild World, created by National Geographic, is more than your average educational site. Its main attractions are the two interactive maps, which visitors can use to explore the world's eco-regions and see the Earth in terms of its plants, animals and climates.

The maps are scalable and each eco-region link contains informative descriptions, photos, data on population and vegetation, video clips and links to educational resources.   Workspheres

Workspheres examines the balance between work and life, and the important role designers play in devising effective solutions for our ever-changing work paradigms. These design concepts bring to life realistic visions of the near future and range in size and type from entire working environments to computer interfaces and personal accessories.

This online exhibition presents a selection of prototypes and available products designed with sensible and sensitive attention to the way we really want to work. Of special interest is the homepage layout which allows viewing all the components of the site from one place. Basic Blackjack Strategy

If you like to play blackjack, this site is a great resource. It offers basic blackjack strategy customized to fit the game offered at your favorite casino.  Almanac Days

The Old Farmer's Almanac has been given an online face at It offers insight as to why each day is special,  and includes long-range weather forecasts and time honored wisdom and advice.  Wild World of Weird is a forum for artists of all types whose subject matter falls a little to the left of the traditional love poem or nature painting. Although most of the art at this site focuses on the macabre, there is a lot of creative work to be uncovered and enjoyed.

Short stories, essays, poems, paintings, wood carvings and a lot more provide for hours of often bizarre, interesting material. Of special interest is 'prodigies', a set of drawings of 'freaks' by James Mundie.  Pseudo Dictionary

If the Oxford Dictionary is a little too stuffy for you, check out the only online 'pseudo-dictionary', a growing reference guide to everything slang. All the words and phrases we love to invent, use and sneak into our daily conversation now have a legitimate home.

Visitors to this site can submit their own creative entries, and will receive credit as well as a link to their website. It is especially great for all you "mouse potatoes" (pseudo-definition for people who spend too much time sitting in front of their computers).


The Holy Grove - Where Angels wait to heal you.  Recently, in recognition of this, a talented group of writers, filmmakers, researchers, engineers, and artists pooled their skills together to create a balance between the vast information available and the entertainment provided on the net. is a knockout from top to bottom. The simple design and layout, allow for easy navigation through its fascinating content. With categories ranging from "Human" to the "Milky Way and Beyond" to "Life", there is little room for boredom. It is a thoroughly intelligent, thoughtful, and important site. sells QuickGuard nameplates. Bond permanently to a surface and have


Untimely Advice

Once upon a time you could find helpful solutions to all of your problems in ' advice books '. These books addressed a wide range of issues from how to court a girl that's caught your fancy to the importance of eating vegetables.

Fear not, Miss Abigail will quell all of your modern concerns about, etiquette, relationships, puberty, parenting, vegetables, etc. with good old-fashioned advice. Drawing from a library of nineteenth and twentieth century advice books, she is armed with some of the same sound wisdom that your grandparents grew up with.

Browse through a long list of topics, learn about the history of advice books or submit your own query directly to Abigail. Guaranteed to give you good manners and a sunny disposition.  Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Now, you can decide. presents pictures of people trying to look attractive, and gives you the opportunity to rate them on a scale of 1-10 (no negatives please).  You can also enter into the rating game by sending in a photo of yourself.  It's a sticky voyeuristic cavalcade!

<><><><>  Courting the Unabomber  

This collection of letters, written by some of television's most well known reporters, gives us a peek into the process known as 'landing an interview'.  It's an absurd behind-the-scenes look at the personal letter writing of 'respected' media personalities in their attempt to grab a one-on-one interview with the Unabomber himself. The highly secretive criminal is courted, coddled and welcome to call Katie Couric collect anytime.  Tongue-Tied

A great way to impress your international friends is with a funny saying from their native language. This website contains an impressive collection of nearly 2000 tongue twisters, replete with amusing translations. With twisters from over 77 languages, the site covers everything from Afrikaans to Zulu and back.. 

Super Bowl Ads

The only thing more fun to watch then the Super Bowl, is the ad game being played on your television throughout the game. We all love the anticipation of seeing the best, most expensive and elaborate commercials of the year.

Ad Critic has created a detailed archive to browse through the ads, which are listed by product, advertiser, and quarter in which they aired. You can even see the commercials that were banned by CBS as well as cast your vote for your favorite picks.  Like Television is a virtual warehouse of footage containing films, music videos, television shows, documentaries and just about anything else you've ever seen on the boob tube.

Highlights include long forgotten TV game shows, a celebrity video calendar, and video postcards you can email to your friends. Be sure to check out "Nosferatu", the Max Shreck movie that inspired the recently released "Shadow of the Vampire" with Willem Defoe and John Malkovich.

To really appreciate this site you'll need a RealPlayer and a lot of spare time! It's getting harder and harder to choose between your TV and your PC. 

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Founded by modern guru Deepak Chopra and friends, this site is an online sanctuary dedicated to enhancing the lives of all its visitors. With a world-class staff of doctors, experts and thinkers at your disposal, it is the perfect place to find information and inspiration relating to all matters of the mind, body and spirit.

On-line workshops, educational articles, medical advice and more are presented in a creative, forward-thinking environment to get you in tune with improving the quality of your life. This one definitely deserves a bookmark.

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check if a Cdn charity is registered brainstorming a new product name color charts for investors b2b


National Geographic announced its first venture into e-commerce with, a site featuring 8,500 unique handcrafted works of fine art and home decor directly from artisans in developing economies. Novica has distinguished itself by merging a strong business model with a humanitarian mission and streamlined distribution network eliminating multiple middlemen and their markups.

Novica benefits by association, National Geographic benefits by a percentage of the profits and you benefit from cool global artistic virtuosity.

Brought to you by the good people at the CBC, they're encouraging you to send compelling stories of ten minutes or less in short films, 3D animation, games, etc.

Submit DV, VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, Zip Disks, Quick Time, AVI, Mpeg movie and audio formats. Why?

Test the audience or your ego to receive accolades or snickers from a continent of fans with lots of time on their hands.   E-scheduling is here. Companies and self-employed contractors use TimeTrade to schedule sales calls and appointments, help desk support, and improved customer service. This is a great tool if all your customers use the Internet.

You give TimeTrade your schedule of appointments and your customers see only what's available. When someone schedules an appointment they even get a reminder message. Smart. Eliminates interruptions and telephone tag.

















Joel Lesser, CEO, Creative NetVentures, Inc.

Here is a link to a fully functioning demonstration. At this site you can try out our technology. It really does work and it's dead simple.

What you will see in the demo is Aegis Secure Login, a keystroke dynamic authentication system that is web based and runs in an internet browser. First time users will download a plug-in which will be automatically installed. This plugin collects and encrypts keyboard data and communicates with the authentication server over the Internet. The plugin installation process is usually very quick as the browser plugin is quite small. The site explains how the product works and what it does. When registering a profile (training) please make your user name and passwords 8 to 16 characters in length and that you can type them easily without having to read them as you type. The smoother and more automatic a person's typing style is the stronger the authentication lock.

As a test, after you register your profile, have someone else try to get in using your identity. Try it first by not letting them see how you type and then let them do it after you show them how you type it in.

Aegis Secure Login is the first of three products in the Aegis family. Aegis (Network version) the second, provides authentication based on keystroke dynamics for network authentication. We will be finishing Beta
testing of it in Q4, 2000. Thirdly, Aegis (Dynamic version) provides for transparent, continuous and unobtrusive authentication of workstation or remote computer activities using keystroke dynamics. It will be completed in q2, 2001.

Have fun with it. As I said first round investors can get in on a world beater app! We are actively courting a number of first round investors. Our target is $3,000,000 plus... before the end of 2000!


Within days and with no effort by us, the articles are automatically indexed by the free Atomz ( ) search engine on our site and the major search engines.

The result of having content on our website is a win-win-win: the authors get free publicity, we get quality content for free, and the users get quality content for free. Steven Rothberg

Somewhere, there is a portal that would suit you. GoTo has made a commercial decision. So can you.

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PROBLEM: You need to compare two text files for differences between them.
SOLUTION: The Windows 98 Resource Kit includes a free tool called WinDiff that compares text files or folders of text files.  WinDiff has a standard graphical user interface or you can use it in command-line mode. You can view the comparisons in outline mode or a color-coded expanded mode. The trick is that you have to install the Resource Kit first: insert your Windows 98 CD, then double-click on Setup.exe from the \tools\reskit folder and follow the instructions from there. for filing US business taxes refers to US accounting and legal services this fellow has been trying to get spammers de-connected

free bulletin board system

Others include:

vBulletin - (PHP-based)

phpBB - (PHP-based)

DCForum - (CGI-based)

UBB - (CGI-based)




Basics include Bible, mythology, Shakespeare
The Golden Thread: Bruce Meyer
Don Quixote: Miguel de Cervantes. "the first novel"
Ulysses: James Joyce
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Thomas Hardy
The Stone Diaries: Carol Shields
The Ash Garden: Dennis Bock
Mrs. Dalloway: Virginia Wolfe
No Great Mischief: Alistair MacLeod
The Color Purple: Alice Walker
The Diviners: Margaret Laurence
Who Has Seen The Wind: W.O. Mitchell