aid to animals in distress

This charity is run solely by volunteers, most of them elderly, who spend  a huge amount of time with no pay in what are often discouraging circumstances.

They rely on support from people like us.
Let’s help them continue their good work!

Phone numbers are: 684-6763 or 929-2471

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Donations should be sent to:
aid to animals in distress
1231 Lennox Street

North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1X4


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Tony Simon of Seguro Projects Inc has volunteered to match any donation made which mentions this web site.

 Registered Charity # 0864207-54

aid to animals in distress

"I am the voice of the voiceless. . . through me the dumb shall speak"
                            - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped financially to make 1999 our best year ever.

Without you and the endless work of the volunteers, we could never have accomplished so much. We have broken all our previous records for spays/neuters, medical assistance and the feeding program, and this has been done with fewer than eight volunteers!

We may be few in number but we are staunch in our dedication to the welfare of the animals.

Look to this day for it is life
Yesterday is already a dream
Tomorrow is only a vision
Today, well lived, makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope
.   (Anonymous)

IN 1999:

593 spays or neuters Food for stray cats  $11,116.31
701 vaccinations Boarding in clinics  $1,504.29
177 treated with Advantage Cat placement ads  $470.76
527 received medical treatment Cat transportation   $133.51
577 tattooed Table rental - sales  $30.00
101 cats & kittens
placed in new homes
Postage, printing & stationery  $220.22
Average monthly expense:


We wish to extend our most sincere thanks to:

1. Nutro Products Inc. - for donations of food
2. Lower Mainland Network for Animals Society - for donations of litter
3. SuperValu Stores - for the certificate program


aaid to animals in distress has a 100% No Kill Policy.


a.a.i.d. is in its 22nd year!

We have been instrumental in saving thousands of animals from a horrible death from starvation, injury, and disease, or from becoming feral strays. It is the volunteer societies who deal with the difficult and demanding problem of stray, abandoned, unwanted and feral cats. Foster and permanent homes have to be found, the feral cats have to be tender-trapped - often at night in unsafe neighbourhoods - and hungry strays have to be fed regardless of weather conditions because the volunteers know that these poor, hungry, little creatures will be waiting for food.

Saving lives and relieving pain is what Aid to Animals in Distress is all about.


a.a.i.d. provides quality food for approximately 325 cats. Most of you know about our program - newer readers may not.

Stray and feral cats are reported to us and, as quickly as possible, these cats are tender-trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tattooed and given any required medical treatment. In most cases, they are returned to their familiar area and fed daily by our volunteers. In this way, we are able to manage many colonies of feral cats, and these animals are able to live out their lives.



Recently it was reported on TV that a police raid had been made on a drug house and that there were abandoned cats there, living in squalor. a.a.i.d. volunteers immediately investigated the report and found that 13 cats called this awful place home. Conditions were unbelievable - filth and garbage everywhere and the odour so intolerable that the volunteers could remain inside only a few moments at a time. However, they persevered and finally removed all 13 tame but very nervous cats. They were taken to a.a.i.d. veterinarians and given all the required treatment. They are now safe and well cared for. Some of them have been placed and others are being fostered. All are lovely little cats who deserve a good home - they have suffered enough. Please contact us if you can help. Thank you Dorothy and Joan for a very difficult task well done.



A month ago, on a cold, rainy night, a.a.i.d. received a call regarding a young cat - hardly more than a kitten herself, she had just given birth to six babies. They were outside, under a car on the blacktop. The kittens were already cold and almost lifeless. The poor little mother was trying desperately to protect them. A kindly woman took mother and babies into her home and provided a cozy bed for the babies and food for the mother. With warmth, the babies began to revive and all are doing well. The little mother has never stopped purring, as if in appreciation for the good care she has received. a.a.i.d. has provided food and litter and will vaccinate the kittens when they are seven weeks old, and good homes will be found for them. ?The mother will be spayed and adopted with one of her kittens.

Thank you, Dorie, for your caring.



1. You can request that your donation to the United Way be directed to Aid to Animals in Distress.
2. You can make a tax-deductible donation to a.a.i.d. in lieu of flowers, as a memorial tribute, and we will inform the bereaved family of your donation.
3. You can donate to a.a.i.d. in memory of a beloved pet.
4. You can remember a.a.i.d. in your will so that the work you believe in can be carried on.


Remember, it takes both rain and sunshine to make rainbows.

Thank you for caring.

Olive M. Sellens, Secretary-Treasurer.


Suggestions?  Comments?  Please email us!

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