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Bob Bishop: editor of "The Gold Mining Stock Report"

Chris Bunka: editor of "The Outsider's Overture"
email outsider@istar.ca

Ted Carter : editor of " Crisis Investing" and author of "Successful Stock Market Speculation"
phone 403-288-7255
fax 403-288-9025

Doug Casey: author of "Crisis Investing" and a monthly newsletter "The International Speculator"
phone 406-443-0741

David and Eric Coffin: co-editors of "The Hard Rock Analyst"
email hardrock@h-r-a.com
web site www.h-r-a.com/hra/

Ken Coleman: editor of "The Investment Tracker" and best-selling author
phone 760-940-2355

James Dines "The Original Gold Bug": editor of "The Dines Letter"
phone 800-845-8259

Brian Fagan: editor of "The Fagan Report – Mining Stocks and Speculations"
web site

phone 360-267-2905
fax 360-267-5107

Scott Fraser: editor of "The Natural Contrarian"
email TNC1775@aol.com
can be found on web site www.gigweb.com
phone 619-793-3706
fax 619-350-9061

Kennedy Gammage: editor of "The Richland Report"
phone 619-459-2611
fax 619-459-2612

Peter Grandich: editor of "The Grandich Letter"
web site  www.grandich.com

John Kaiser
web site  www.canspecresearch.com       

Ian McAvity: editor of "Deliberations on World Markets"
phone 416-964-1359
fax 416-964-0172

Rick Rule: managing General Partner for Global Resource Investments Ltd
phone 800-477-7853
fax 619-943-3983

Jay Taylor: editor of "J. Taylor’s Gold & Gold Stocks"
phone 718-457-1426

Dennis Wheeler: editor of "The Gold Stock Report"
phone 800-728-2288




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