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First, make sure you know where you want to travel is safe!

http://travel.state.gov or call 202-647-5225 for information from the US State Department

http://voyage.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/destinations/menu-e.htm for Canada's foreign affairs department. 

Travel Web Sites

Beaches   :  the scoop on the world's best beaches
Best Fares : Everyone makes the same claim; they can't all be right. Worth checking though.
Biz Travel  :  devoted to the business traveler
: for road warriors. Diverse links.
Cantrav.com   travel agent specializing in western Canadian destinations
Carp Travel
  :  your world of travel information and services
City Net  :  detailed information on various cities of the world
: Mix luxury and fun with your business.
Ecotravel Center : search for destinations based on region and interests
Eco Travels in Latin America  :  the title says it all
: as in, "let's get outta here!" - and this is a good way to get out of Canada
Expedia : lots of info, but still can't figure out some basic flight logistics.
Geographia  :  beautifully written resource
Go4Less : Search for Vacations feature. Lots of deals.  Slow loader.
GORP  :  Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Green Travel Network  :  thumbs up and down reviews of destinations
Hotwire : and its off-shoot TravelTicker
Internet Travel Network  :  play travel agent
Kayak : comparison shop or use the vacation idea-generator
Lonely Planet :  web site for well known publisher of travel guides
Lowestfare : go here, especially if TWA flies to your destination
Mining Co. Travel  : large travel web links site
MountainZone.com  :  excellent site for US and international
Mungo Park  : well known authors and virtual tours to take you there
OnStage  :  world wide listings for the theatre
Open Air Markets  : find out about the world's open air markets
Passenger Rights   : Voice your travel complaints and file them online
Preview Travel : another biggie.  Lots of info so worth checking.
Price Line : Name your price.  No refunds - be careful!  Also Travel Ekspert
QuikBook : Alternative hotels. No advance payment. And see hotel marketplace.
Roadnews.com :  for the computer-equipped road warrior
RoadSide America.com :  car "tripping"
Round-The-World Travel Guide   :  Excellent free travel resource
Smarter Living : e-mail notice of multi-airline weekend deals. Deal Alert section.
Spa Finders' SpaSource
  :  find the right spa
Specialty Travel Index  :  travel for special and unique interests
Tips for Trips
: 1000 tips submitted by fellow travellers.
TOWD : Tourism Offices Worldwide. Good source for local info.  Check it when you're planning.
Travel BC  :  Provincial government travel information for British Columbia
Travelocity  :  Granddaddy of travel sites.
Travel Web  :  Large travel information site
Trip Advisor : Visitors' reviews.
USA Trip Advisor
: good place to start a search of things American
USA City Link :  Cities, towns, parks and more across the USA
Vacationing for Health   :  for the spa types
Virtual Tourist.com  :  Research more than 31,000 destinations
Yahoo! Travel
  :  Book a flight, car, hotel room...
1travel.com : Deals on flights, cruises, hotels, and vacation packages